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Headquartered in Foshan,touching every corner of China for International Companies in Regional and Global merchandiser programmes

as well as in the creation and development of the items consumer oriented and gifts designated.

We have been providing Tailored Services to Cigar/Tobacco/Marijuana Merchants, Full Line Distributors, and Cigar Manufacturers Worldwide, while delivering the highest level of excellence since 2009.

More than 15 Years experience in the area and worldwide vision have led to the achievement of great goals and to the satisfaction of high demanding customers.

Extensive Experience

Through our extensive experience in the industry, We are serious about protecting and promoting your business

We’ll take the essence of your valuable brand and design unique but eye-catching packaging that is just for you, in Textures, Embossing, UV Inks and The Best Possible Way to make your brand stand out.

We set it as our goal to better your every product meticulously with simple and clear communication.
We are here looking forward to establishing a win-win relationship with all friends worldwide.