How to Choose a Cigar Humidor:Desktop,Glass-top,Travel,Climate Controlled,Spanish Cedar,Acrylic Jar,High Gloss,Leather
Cigar humidors perform a vital function for the cigar aficianado, or even the beginner. Their function is to store your cigars,
keeping them at just the right humidity, which should be in the range of 65-75%. Maintaining the right humidity is vital to keeping your cigars in the best possible condition. If the air is too dry, the cigars dry out, and lose flavor. If the air is too moist, mold can spoil them

When cigar humidors are doing their job well, the cigars age in a way that enhances their flavor, improving your enjoyment.

If you really enjoy a top-quality cigar, then choosing one of the many quality cigar humidors available is an important investment for you, one that will last you many years. If you think about it, you are potentially investing hundreds of dollars in cigars, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to store them correctly?

Humidiors come in many styles. You can choose a humidor with trays, high gloss finish, with legs, acrylic jars,climate controlled electronic humidor cabinets,etc. There are so many to choose from, that you need to know the basics to ensure you are getting a good quality box that will preserve your cigars for years to come.

Here are 5 easy steps to choosing the right humidor.

1.Size. It’s better to buy a larger humidor than is needed. This allows for future expansion, and space for air circulation within the humidor. Additional space might also be required for the humidifier and hygrometer (some are fixed to the inside of the lid of the humidor, and take up less space).

2.Seal. You want to make sure that when you close the lid of the humidor that it makes a nice whoosh sound as it closes. If it slams shut, it is good for nothing more than storing your remote controls in. If it puffs or whooshes when it closes, you are golden.

3. Liner. Quality cigar humidors have a Spanish Cedar lining. It’s chosen because it can handle the humidity required without warping. You want the cedar to be kiln dried, which means they literally dry it out to remove all the sap. This prevents a icky mess on all your cigars. But seriously, Spanish Cedar is where it is at.

4. Style. Make sure that your choice of humidor complements your own personal style. If you don’t like it on the desk or wherever you are going to put it, it doesn’t really matter how well it works.

5. Quality. Ensure that the humidor is good quality.

Some humidors come with a built-in analog hygrometer. The mechanical dial lends an old-fashioned charm to the wooden box (already a rarity in today’s plastic world). Analog hygrometers are notoriously inaccurate and need to be calibrated. The hygrometer should be removable for calibration, and have a calibration adjustment screw. The hygrometer can be mounted:

·On the front of the humidor (through a hole in the case)
·Underneath the glass top
·Underneath the wooden lid (less useful, as the box needs to be opened to read the hygrometer)
A built-in humidifier is also common. This is usually a sponge for distilled water or propylene glycol. Many people prefer to use gels, beads or other cigar humidifiers instead.
A latch or lock might be useful for some. A brass plate for engraving is a nice touch, especially for a present.
Travel or Pocket Humidors

Travel humidors are used to safely carry a few cigars for a few days or weeks. This is too short a time for aging the cigars or getting them musty, so cedar wood and outside air circulation isn’t necessary (some travel humidors are waterproof, to protect the cigars from the rigors of travel).
There are two main types of travel humidors:
·Small versions of standard humidors, which have about 15 to 25 cigars capacity.
·Hi-tech plastic or aluminum humidors, 1 to 15 cigars capacity. These are typically waterproof and crush-proof, like an Otter Box or Pelican case. Smaller versions can be slipped into a jacket or coat. Cigar tubes hold one cigar.

Acrylic Display Humidors

There are 3/6/9/12 bins Acrylic Cigar Humidors,custom is available as you need.

Wooden Humidor Cabinets or Cigar Lockers

Single Door Display Cigar Humidor Cabinet

Custom Cigar Locker

The Most Popular Cliamte Controlled Electronic Cigar Humidor Cabinets

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