How to Compare and Buy Cigar Lighters
A lighter is only a means to an end, right? Just a method of getting the thing lit to get the flavor flowing into your mouth. Wrong. A good lighter cannot rescue a bad cigar, but a bad lighter can lessen the experience of a great cigar. If you take the time to think about what cigar you want to smoke, you should give additional thought to the lighter you will use.

How Does It Light?
When searching for a cigar lighter, do not even consider a lighter with a wick. That wick is a conduit for anything and everything in the fluid. If you find think the aroma of lighter fluid appealing, don’t bother trying to use it for your cigar. A butane lighter is preferable, as the butane will transfer fewer flavors to the cigar.Some popular lighters can be switched to butane, if that’s the style you prefer. Lighting a cigar is one of the most critical moments. The end should light evenly and the flame should never touch the cigar itself. Therefore, the shape of the lighter is important. A torch lighter is the ideal cigar lighter for a reason. (Its many designs are only one part of its appeal.) Control and width of the flame, water resistance, and clean burning are significant advantages.

How to Choose
Keeping in mind the basic requirements for a lighter—butane powered, a wide and long flame that is easily controlled—much of the selection process moves to personal preference. If you’re standing at the counter where you find your cigars, test a lighter or two. The lighter should open completely, both protecting your hand and allowing the cigar to have full access to the flame’s heat. Look for a sturdy build. While not so expensive as a computer, cigar lighters are significantly more expensive than a gas station cigarette lighter. A sturdy lighter will survive any drops. If you want something a bit kitschy, just take a bit of time to look around. So many shapes are available that you can surely find something you will like. Many lighters can be used ambidextrously,a small victory for the left-handed in a right-handed world. Regardless of which hand you use, any lighter should be the

appropriate size for your hand to avoid potential accidents. If you have a larger hand, you need a larger lighter. A torch lighter can have multiple flames. The extra flames make the ideal set up for lighting a cigar, as they allow for greater precision and radiate more heat without requiring physical contact for ignition. As an added bonus, should you or a friend ever need to light a pipe, a torch lighter with three flames is the ideal tool for the job.For the novice smoker, a cigar lighter may seem to be the very last thing to worry about, but it is one of the first. The lighter begins the experience, lights that cigar, and can impart so many flavors that it is critical to think about this equipment carefully. Take a bit of time to decide on which lighter you will purchase and your evening cigar will thank you.

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