Cigar Cabinet Humidor CC-009

This cabinet humidor offers a stunning cherry/black wood finish that is sure to wow your friends and its entire interior in lined with solid spanish cedar. The exterior features a full length luxurious glass door with a brass lock and key set and a built-in external hygrometer. The humidor is also loaded with 12 powerful individual oblong humidifier units to sustain humidity perfect levels. These humidifiers are housed inside 2 pull out drawers which are situated in the center and bottom of the unit. The Cabinet humidor has a gigantic capacity with an spacious interior that can accommodate up to 2000 cigars for either flat or angled storage. This unit is designed with 6 extra large removable spanish cedar trays with dividers which are each supported by a cedar shelf. These unique trays can be removed and cigar boxes can be placed directly on the shelves for a prime display.