Cigar Cabinet Humidor CC-012

Brushed with a gorgeous cherry wood finish, It is far more than just a large humidor. Special effort has been made to achieve a distinguished and elegant style without sacrificing functionality. This fine cigar cabinet is garnished with a collection of superb decorative details consisting of hardwood crown moulding, routed doors & edge mouldings, glass sides, embossed lower doors and side panels, brass door handles and a lock and key set. Standing in front of the grandiose exterior, two solid wood framed glass doors swing open revealing its enormous Spanish cedar interior that can house up to 4,000 cigars. If needed, the doors can be locked to protect your cigar collection.

The humidor is loaded with 10 individual oblong humidifier units to ensure that humidity levels are in range. The top 3 shelves of the humidor are pitched forward for easy access and to allow you to display your cigars on an angle in their original boxes. Below the shelves, a Spanish cedar pull-out sectional tray carries 9 separate divisions to allow for individual cigar storage.




120 x 50 x 193cm

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