Electronic Humidor EH-1250B

Black, White, Mahogany (Custom Any Colors)
Net Capacity: 220 liters
Number of cigars: 1250
Temperature range: 12-22°C
Humidity range: 58%-78%
Computer controlled temperature and humidity system
Air humidity control and management system (≥ 60%).
Double insulated glass door with UV filter.
White glass door with hidden handle.
Lock key at the bottom of the door.
Reversible hinged door.
UV-free LED light strips on the sides of the door
Compressor cooling system.
Built-in heater for cold rooms.

Sound level: 38 dB
1 temperature zone.
4 fans, 2 on bottom water reservoir.
Wooden drawers on fully retractable telescopic rails with steel ball bearings.
6 drawers in full depth.
A compressor mounted on vibration absorbing rubber.
All cigar coolers must be perfectly plumb and level.
To ensure a good climate in the cabinet, it is important to air out in order to allow fresh air to enter.
Use distilled water in the humidity system to prevent mold and lime.
For the cabinet to maintain a stable temperature of approx. 22°C, the room temperature must be between 15 and 35°C.
Suitable for built-in.


60 x 55 x 165cm


Cedar Wood

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