Single Product

4000CT Large Cigar Cabinet Humidor CH-2005

  • Holds up to 4,000 cigars
  • 12 removable trays to keep your cigars organized
  • 4 pull out drawers for further organization
  • 24 adjustable dividers
  • 24 humidifiers for maximum air circulation
  • Built-in external hygrometer on top of the humidor to allow you to easily monitor humidity levels
  • Rear electric wire port that hides cords from view
  • 2 full-length framed glass doors that beautifully display your cigars
  • Lock & key set for extra security
  • Dimensions: 1140 x 430 x 1750 mm

It is built with quality wood and finished with a smooth cherry surface. On the interior, 6 large Spanish cedar wood drawers hold up to 4,000 cigars. On the outside, 2 full-length glass doors with lock and key set complete the look of this beautiful humidor. At the bottom, there are 24 oblong humidifiers found in 4 pull out drawers. These humidifiers help sustain a consistent level of humidity throughout the humidor at all times. At the top of the commercial humidor is a built-in hygrometer. This external hygrometer allows you to read the level of humidity, helping maintain a consistent level of humidity at all times.

Available Colors

Black, Cherry