Single Product

Aluminum Travel Cigar Case CT-1030

  • Built-in Hygrometer
  • Built-in Humidifier
  • Hold 3-4 Cigars depends on the ring gauge
  • H196 × D54mm



Its sturdy metal body protects your precious cigars from being crushed while in your luggage. The compact size of this case allows you to fit up to four cigars in it; the actual amount depends on the ring gauge of your cigars. It features a built-in hygrometer and humidifier for your convenience. The hygrometer can be seen from the outside of the cap so with just a glance what conditions your cigars are kept in. Unscrew the bottom to reveal the humidifier that will keep your cigars nice and moist for you when you add a few drops of distilled water to it.

Available Colors

Black, Chrome, Gold