Single Product

Spring Loaded V-Cut & Punch Combination Cutter CC-3046

  • V-Cut & Punch Cutter Combination
  • Cuts up to 64 ring gauge cigars
  • Built-in 8mm Diam. Punch Cutter
  • Durable steel structure
  • Spring-loaded Push Button Action
  • 69 x 40 x 11mm

This spectacular high gloss or vintage v-cut and punch combination 2-in-1 cutter made with top-notch standards in quality. The hardened stainless steel blade produces a precise clean cut for cigars measuring up to a 64 ring gauge. Features a steel structure body with decorative rivet hardware that provides for a fantastic appearance and durability. Pressing the button snaps opens the v-shape blade though an instant spring-loaded action. The cut is then executed by squeezing the ends of the cutter together until the blade locks in place.

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 cm

Stainless Steel